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INRō was founded by Maria Jorge and Paulo Morais, a couple that materializes INRō’s spirit, uniting creativity and functionality.

Maria Jorge Morais is a psychotherapist, and a photographer and traveller by calling. Throughout her life, she has been pursuing her thirst for creative impulse by experiencing a collection of culturally diverse matrixes, in constant appreciation of all that is human and different. INRō’s artistic direction is her responsibility.

Paulo Morais is an expert in functionality. He’s the third generation of a family who’s traditionally been involved in the furniture field. Since his early days, he has acquired the knowledge of how to feel and interpret wood, developing a notable intuition when it comes to this noble material. With a solid career in the office furniture, he is an expert in finding product, disposition and efficacy technical solutions for the several workspaces he conceives. Developing all the technical aspects of INRō was only possible through his knowledge and experience.

INRō is an ancient japanese small compartmentalized box. Its purpose was to carry personal value objects.