How to choose the ideal desk for you?
Want to buy a new desk and don’t know which one is right for you? Take your notebook, because INRō has prepared a set of tips that you should keep in mind when buying the perfect desk.


First, you must reflect and define what your work style is, in other words, you must choose a desk that can easily adapt to your work so that it allows you to be as comfortable and as productive as possible.Therefore, some of the questions you should ask are:

  • What is the main purpose of the desk? Is it to work daily? Is it for work on the computer? Is it for meetings? Is it for individual or group work?
  • Do you work more with your computer or do you need space for notebooks and covers?
  • Do you need a desk with a lot or a little organization?

After answering these questions, you will have a clearer sense of what you need and can start eliminating some options.


When choosing your desk, you should consider where you want to place it and the size it is available. So, don’t forget to measure the length of that space and check the size of the options, so you don’t make the mistake of buying something too big or too small.

As well as you must define in advance the positioning of the desk, within the space you have available, so you can ensure that you are close to the energy points and have the right lighting.

You should also pay attention to the space you need to place all the goods.


To choose the ideal desk, you should also pay attention to its surface. Its shape, material, and colors can influence the success of your productivity and comfort, which becomes essential that you make a conscious choice.Thus, some of the aspects to take into account are:

  • Materials: the most common are wood, glass, and metal. Each one of them has a specificity. If you are looking for something more resistant and that allows a greater application of pressure, you should opt for wood; while if you prefer something more elegant, both glass and metal can be a good option.
  • Format: nowadays, there are a lot of different and irreverent formats of desk surfaces, however, we will only highlight some of the most common ones, namely, straight and rounded tops. Relatively to the straight, it is the most classic format, and that it adapts easily to any environment; the rounded top allows you, at an ergonomic level, to adapt and reach what you need more easily.
  • Colors: depending on your decor you can choose any color or pattern, however, you should keep in mind that if you are looking for something more classic, you should opt for neutral colors, such as white, black, brown, and sober patterns, with little detail and fine lines. If you prefer something more daring, you can choose bright warm colors as well as lush patterns.

INRO has a lot of options of patterned surfaces, suitable to any of your moods and preferences. You can see here:


Disorganization, in a workday, can be enough for the performance of your tasks not to go the best way. Therefore, the goal is to avoid this scenario as much as possible.

So you should make sure your desk has drawers and small cupboards, as well as enough storage space, such as filing cabinets, within reach to keep your workspace tidy.

Sometimes, the more modern options may be more aesthetically pleasing, but with little storage, thus becoming impractical for you. On the other hand, options with more storage may be heavier, from an aesthetic perspective, however, they will have enough space to organize. Thus, it will depend on what you want at the organizational level as well as the organization.


Being productive, a whole day can be complicated, especially if you don’t choose the most comfortable materials that adapt to your work style. Therefore, whenever possible you should opt for ergonomic desks, as you will avoid unnecessary health risks.

Some of the characteristics to take into account have to do with desk space, that is, it must be able to have enough space for organization and easily reach the materials you need, without great physical effort.

The height of the table, too, should be another aspect to take into account, measuring between 70-75cm, so that you can move without difficulty.

Finally, you should make sure that the corners and edges of the tables are round so that you don’t put unnecessary pressure on your wrists.


Choosing an ergonomic and adaptable desk is important, however, and keeping in mind that the goal is to have a comfortable workplace, an aesthetically pleasing decor also influences our productivity and mood.

So, when choosing your desk, you should consider some basic decoration criteria:

  • The same or similar materials and styles–Mixing materials or styles, if poorly selected can create a sense of confusion and restlessness. For example, mixing wood finishes can result in a patchy and unprofessional look.
  • Decorative styles that reflect your personality and well-being-if you prefer a natural environment, opt for light wood desks and slender feet; if you identify with classic decor, choose a straight wooden model with neutral tones; if you like a more modern style, choose solid wood materials, with dark colors.