the desk

INRō desk

Claim the customized space you need. It’s time to take your working experience to the next level.

Add a refined sense of luxury to your work desk and immerse yourself in a natural and organic atmosphere.

It’s your INRō desk, and it’s all about your choice.

Table top

Imprinted with durable and attractive images.

The image quality (up to 1200 dpi) and the wide range of colors contribute to create attractive images with rich and vibrant hues.

Create your own desk

Although we provide you with a wide variety of authorial and unique images, we can create a unique and personalized desk. Contact us for more details.

Solid wood legs

With robust solid wood and reinforced assembly your desk will handle all your work, computer and tools you'll ever need.

Your table frame is unique

Polished texture and natural rings create a distinctive pattern

Natural wood tends to change its color over time.

We designed INRō desks to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

Throughout all manufacturing, we approached a Zero Waste policy in order to reduce massive amounts of waste impacting our environment. They are also easy to clean and do not require other products besides water.

Durability and quality are key when we design,

INRō desks last for hundreds and even thousands of uses, from heavy-duty tasks to frenetic and creative children.

5 minutes assembly

The INRō desk is easy to assemble and disassemble – the fixing system is reinforced making the desk robust (requiring only one tool (included)).

5 year guarantee

The robustness of your INRō desk will provide you with a long life workspace, nevertheless, we provide 5 year guarantee to all our desks.

If you still wonder 'Why INRō'?

As time went by, this object, which was all about functionality, became a vehicle through which people could express their individuality or cultural and artistic values. As such, the INRō name was a natural choice: INRō represents the transformation of the common, practical object, the desk, into art, creativity, and individual expression accessible to you.

Certified Prints

The submitted prints were tested against the FograCert PSD Print Check requirements defined by Process Standard Digital.

Greenguard Emissions Test

GREENGUARD EMISSIONS TEST FOR WALL FINISH Prepared for HEWLETT-PACKARD ESPANOLA SL. Test Product Description: HP PVC Free Wallpaper + Latex Print Technologies.